Anchoring / Radio Jockey / Reporting

About the Course

Media Industry which is directly connected to the mass audience makes it as the most versatile and a very prominent industry. The main purpose of Media is to provide information and generate public opinion and initially, it started with the mass distribution of newspapers and magazines.


Now in today's trend, the definition of Media has changed and it has many sub-categories such as Films and Videos, Broadcasting with the help of TV and radio, Internet which includes blogs, news, forums, publishing of books, papers, and magazines. Media is a platform which provides entertainment, education and advocacy among others.


Are you one among the millions dreaming to become the next television face? And what if, we tell you that you can make a mark for yourself among the industry bigwigs Anchor/ Radio Jockey/ Reporter by profession have to work with teams of camera persons and reporters. Our Certificate Course in Anchor/ Radio Jockey/ Reporter is designed in such a way that it gives abundant exposure in all aspects of journalism and mass communication like TV News Reading and Reporting, Non-Linear Editing. Our Certificate Course provides rigorous training to students and this is one complete & intensive master class course for those who are fascinated by the world of glamour.


Our main motto is to expose our students to the techniques employed in reporting and anchoring for live events, televisions, and radio stations with an added advantage of learning news reading and anchoring complexities. With our course students also can create an option in any of the mediums, i.e., TV & News Anchoring as a specialization.

Course Outline


·         An overview of the Television & Industry

·         Voice Over: Rhythm of speech, Breathing, Resonance, VO for TV commercials/ corporate videos/ radio commercials/ TV Documentaries

·         Radio Presenter: Radio Presenting, Voice Projection, Scripting, Mic Technique

·         Public Speaking: Showing how to hold an audience's attention, Teaching awareness of voice and its function, Demonstrating how to control body language, Breathing and articulation, Acting and singing to strengthen your personal and vocal confidence

·         Examples of anchors work and detailed analysis of their styles

·         Theory of Dubbing

·         On-air Essentials

·         Camera Rehearsals

·         Phone-Line Interview

·         A guide on how to write presenter scripts for TV

·         A look at personality, style and general show presentation

·         Recording the voice

·         Digital Editing & Recording

·         Studio autocue reading

·         Audition techniques

·         Radio News Reading: Radio news reading: the basics of fluency, Voice: pitch/tone/intonation/inflection, Duties and responsibilities, Understanding the news scripts and news agenda

·         News Writing: The first rules of journalism, Local and national radio newsrooms, The whole radio newsgathering process, The basics of writing for radio, Basic awareness of legal issues: copyright and contempt of court, Understanding the Story, Psychology of TV News Presenting

·         Making & adding effective promo and jingles for radio, Sales & Marketing

·         Comedy techniques

·         Talk Show Host - Talk Radio & Presenting phone ins

·         TV Interviewing, presenting and reporting techniques, Multi-camera facing

·         Legal pitfalls (what NOT to say)

·         A look at personality, style and general show presentation

·         Working Atmosphere & Responsibilities

·         Final Review / Certificate Distribution

Week Day Batches
Weekend Batches
 2 Months
2 Months
12th Pass
12th Pass
Course Fee15,000/-15,000/-
Week Days
Monday to Thursday
Saturday to Sunday
Best Timing

08:00 am to 10:00 am

6:30 pm to 8:30pm 

09:30 am to 01:30 pm
Total Hours
64 Hours
64 Hours
Total Days
32 Days
16 days
No. of Seats
20 per batch
20 per batch
English & Telugu
English & Telugu
AffiliationOwn AccreditationOwn Accreditation

Placements and Internship

We provide internship and placement for students who successfully completed the course and also for people who have exceptional and creative talent. Our placements and internship partners include best rated YouTube Channels, In-house production banners, Web Series, Outdoor Events, Indoor Events, Reality Shows, and many more. We have built a strong rapo with production houses, Media Channels, Radio Stations, Newspaper and Print Media Organizations to provide our students with the best-rated placements and internships as possible.


The vision of Film Arts Academy

Our vision is committed to excellence in Media as well as Digital Media, and Fine Arts education and training so that our alumni, through their work, may make it a better world one day than it is today.


Why Choose Film Arts Academy?

 Film Arts Academy provides in-depth theory and practical guidance to our students by experienced faculty and professionals to help the students achieve success and fame in the industry. Our rigorous and intensive training in media education helps every student to have a vast experience in the techniques employed in present days. Our In-house production encourages young creative talent in all scenarios. We promote your creative content (Text / Videos) through our well-versed media channels as well as video hosting web services. We help, support, and host to create individual YouTube channels to young aspirants who do not have a right platform to showcase it.


Career Options in TV Anchoring 

  •         Stage Anchor
  •         News Anchor
  •         Host
  •         Live Events Anchor
  •         Award Functions
  •         Any Competition Shows
  •         Comedy Shows
  •         Film Based Shows
  •         Cooking Shows
  •         Reality Shows
  •         Sports
  •         Crime Reports
  •         Talk Shows
  •         Debates


Career Options in RJ, Voice-Over & Dubbing

 Career Opportunities (Domestic): FM stations branched all over India offer careers for talents who can prove to be a great radio jockey.

Top-Rated FM Channels which offers a career for Radio Jockeys are


  •      Big F.M 92.7
  •      Radio Mirchi 98.3
  •      Radio Mango 91.9
  •      Club FM 94.3
  •      Red FM 93.5
  •      Fever 104 FM


Now-a-days Radio jockeys have a very good salary on based on creative talent. Experienced Radio jockeys with a big following would attract other FM stations, eventually giving the RJs better offers and bigger salary.


Voice-over / Dubbing artist can work on


  •       E-learning CDs
  •       Documentaries
  •       TV/ Radio/ Web Programmes & Reports
  •        Advertising Campaigns
  •        Presentations
  •        Animated serials
  •        Audiobooks
  •        Dubbing Departments of Film & Television Production Houses
  •        Hollywood Films Dubbing in Indian Languages
  •        Voice over artist
  •        Dubbing artist