Certificate Course in Acting

About the Course

Actors are generally expected to possess a number of acting skills, including good vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressiveness, a good sense of perspective, emotional availability, a well-developed imagination, the ability to analyse and understand dramatic text, and the ability to emulate or generate emotional and physical conditions.

Well-rounded actors are often also skilled in singing, dancing, emotional expressiveness, imitating, dialects and accents, improvisation, observation and emulation, mime, stage combat, and performing classical texts. Well-trained professional actors who have discipline, technique, and a working knowledge of the entire filmmaking process are rare.

This is why the R K Films & Media Academy's Acting & Modelling courses are on the cutting-edge of the actor-training field. Designed equally for beginning actors as well as those with experience, the Academy's Film Acting programs provide actors not only with modern on-camera acting techniques but also a foundation of acting training rooted in time-honored theatrical traditions.

The instructors & trainers are all professional working actors, writers, directors, producers & veterans of Bollywood and independent film, television and regional theatre—and they give each student the personal focus and rigorous discipline necessary for launching a career in film and television. The Academy is on the cutting-edge of actor training because the Institute provides the students with:

Practical On-Camera Experience

  • Dynamic Faculty
  • Filmmaking Resources.
  • Short Intensive Programs > Reel Materials.

Acting Courses in India

Acting is the art or practice of performing a part or role in the movie, drama on stage and or similar platform. Acting courses in India are popular amongst the Indian youth. Acting is one of the Performing Arts whose education is important for acquiring skills in a short span of time. But to be a Good Actor one needs to have a full-fledged first-hand experience which counts the most. Acting schools in India also provide opportunities for candidates to gain real-life experiences. A course in acting focuses on all aspects of expression like diction, face expressions, dance, dubbing, voice modulation etc. All these aspects provide and improve – imagination, improvisation, memory, monologue, movements and son. Acting is more practice-oriented which is provided through acting therapies, workshops, direction, meditation, sound recording, stunts, yoga sessions and so on.

  • Specialised Fields in Acting
  • Acting Course Objectives
  • Personal Attributes for Acting
  • Remuneration in Acting

Employment Areas in Acting, Acting professionals are mostly known as Actors, Artists or Performers. Those who get the lead role are generally known as Heroes or Heroines. And those who excel in acting and/or popularity are called ‘Superstars’. Acting is a great way to earn a living and be popular at the same time. One can also play various roles and characters which are not possible in real life. One also gets to travel to various regions and countries. It also provides the opportunity to learn skills associated with a character like martial arts, weapon use, horse riding etc. If you are a brilliant actor one also gets accolades in the form of awards, honours and felicitations. Apart from entering the Film Industry through ‘Word of Mouth’, ‘Anchoring Shows’ or ‘Acting Schools’, Modelling is another popular option. Many actors and actresses like Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, milind soman etc. gain entry into film and television work through modelling.


  • Facing Audience May create rattle how we have to Overcome
  • Inhibition and Phobia May spoil your ability to get rid of your problems simple solutions for you 
  • Freeing Mind & Body
  • Discussing films
  • Inspirations of famous actors/actresses
  • Communicators presenters must have good hard but and understandably & Voice Modulation stresses & pauses
  • Body Language
  • Get-Ups, approaching a character, Observation, Improvisation
  • Camera behaviour, Understanding Different Emotions, Mannerism and Miming
  • Acting Exercises, Mirror Exercises
  • Rodham of the body (Sound) – Background music, SFX
  • Cinemascope
  • Lip Sync, Feeling the Lyrics
  • Character Dubbing
  • Diction Exercises
  • Elements of Modelling - Fashion, Ramp & Photo-shoots
  • Acting for Character Roles & its importance
  • Making of Showreels (Portfolio)

 Few of the specialized fields

  • Movie Acting
  • Television Acting
  • Theatrical Acting
  • Voice Over’s

Acting Course: Partial Content Overview

  • Body Language
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue Delivery
  • Emoting
  • Role Analysis

Acting Course Objectives 

  • To become competent and professionally committed actors, skilled in every aspect of the industry.
  • To reach the zenith of skills where the world also acknowledges your presence.
  • To acquire fulfilling and meaningful career as a performer.

Acting Course: Basic Requirements

A host of courses in acting are available at acting schools in India spread all across the country. There are a number of certificate, degree and diploma courses available. One can opt for a graduate course whose eligibility is 10+2 in any discipline. It is advisable to get admitted to these courses as they lay the basic foundation for further courses. Many well – known actors and directors have opened also opened acting institutes.

 Personal Attributes

  • Willingness to learn and listen at all times is one thing, one should never forget.  One needs to be an all-rounder and do that, one should absorb, observe and grasp all the small details.
  • One should accustom oneself to travel, either at national or international locations. In this sense, one should develop an adaptive nature.  
  • Not everything can be taught in acting schools. Experience of all sorts, like modelling, stage acting, street plays, commercials, dance performances etc. hones one’s acting skills.
  • One should be willing to work day & night and thus be a hard worker.

Week Day Batches
Weekend Batches
 2 Months
 2 Months
12th Pass
12th Pass
Course Fee
Week Days
Monday to Thursday
Saturday to Sunday
Best Timing

08:00 am to 10:00 am

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm 
09:30 am to 01:30 pm
Total Hours
64 Hours
64 Hours
Total Days
32 Days
16 days
No. of Seats
20 per batch
20 per batch
English & Telugu
English & Telugu
Own Accreditation
Own Accreditation

Placements and Internship

We provide internship and placement for students who successfully completed the course and also for people who have exceptional and creative talent. Our placements and internship partners include best rated YouTube Channels, In-house production banners, Web Series, Outdoor Events, Indoor Events, Reality Shows, and many more. We have built a strong rapo with production houses, Media Channels, Radio Stations, Newspaper and Print Media Organizations to provide our students with the best-rated placements and internships as possible.


The vision of Film Arts Academy

Our vision is committed to excellence in Media as well as Digital Media, and Fine Arts education and training so that our alumni, through their work, may make it a better world one day than it is today.


Why Choose Film Arts Academy?


Film Arts Academy provides in-depth theory and practical guidance to our students by experienced faculty and professionals to help the students achieve success and fame in the industry. Our rigorous and intensive training in media education helps every student to have a vast experience in the techniques employed in present days. Our In-house production encourages young creative talent in all scenarios. We promote your creative content (Text / Videos) through our well-versed media channels as well as video hosting web services. We help, support, and host to create individual YouTube channels to young aspirants who do not have a right platform to showcase it.

Job Perspectives

India is the Largest Film Producing Country making over 1100 films every year. The Indian film industry size is estimated at INR 20,000 Crores (around USD 4 Billion). Going by these figures Acting is a very, very lucrative profession. There is a saying – ‘There is no Industry like Entertainment Industry’. So one easily can say acting jobs pay far more than any profession, simply because the earning depends on one’s fame. A successful actor can charge anything. However, to have a successful acting career in this industry you need everything, sheer talent is sometimes not enough. You need to have the right contacts and personal relation officer to be noticed. Luck of all kinds also plays a major role. But the field of acting is not just an intensely competitive one, it is also the one where the demand is quite significant in proportion to the supply. Times have changed when  prospects were bright for the exceptionally talented and lucky few. Modern times with satellite TV boom have made opportunities near and immense as opposed to far and wide. However, to be a major player you will need to relocate to Mumbai which is the capital of film industry. Innumerable opportunities exist in the entertainment industry. Many of actors and actresses who could not make a big name for themselves can diversify into compering for shows, contests, awards ceremonies, anchoring, hosting television shows and film oriented entertainment programmes, anchoring even educational programmes. Many who aspired to become a Hero in the industry have become directors, producers, editors, cinematographers etc.

Remuneration – The income of actors is not fixed. The source of their income is varied owing to advertisements’, endorsements and other entertainment activities. Lead actors and actresses demand a fixed amount of money per movie which again varies from individual to individual. The more popular the actor, the more money he commands. Character actors command lesser capital when compared to lead stars. To sum it all - TV actors are paid in the range of lakhs while Film stars are paid in the range of crores

Job Types

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Models
  • Stage Show Anchors
  • Television Show Hosts
  • Stage Performers
  • Acting Trainer

Employment Areas

  • Television
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Acting Institutes
  • Modelling Agencies
  • Event Organisations
  • Music Companies
  • Acting Workshops
  • Movie Production Houses